meghna dholakia
Meghna Dholakia is a designer and artist interested in individual , and collective and geologic narratives of transformation. She enjoys long walks and collecting interesting leaves.
transformation, how communities commune and collapse, the way new growth leaves unfurl, indian textile arts, sacred geometry, the plays of samuel beckett, what it means to have responsibility to a place, whole wheat flours, redwood trees that make their own rain, the way perception is shaped by expectation, love, listening to the rain, mushrooms, concepts of time, teaching as world-building, alternative housing models, chiaroscuro, comics, regionally specific seasons, the artistry of packaging, and other things she's momentarily forgotten about

Designer @ NYTIMES

Learner @ School For Poetic Computation

Alumna @ Recurse Center

Teacher @ Type Electives

Websites Beyond The Page is a class taught by Ilona Brand and Meghna Dholakia in which we teach folks to use websites as a medium for creative expression.

Dust Dust is a game in which you play a fallen star trying to make his way home

27 is a zine which uses soft data-visualization to explore qualitative aspects of life in complicity and critique of the quantified self movement

Living Stone is an exploration using machine learning that interpolates between crystals and japanese ikebana. In it crystal transforms to branch, facet turns to petal and back again.

Birthday Snail is a 2020 pixel game in which you play as a mail snail delivering a birthday message while overcoming obstacles like neighborhood dogs and an ornamental pond. It's part of an ongoing series marking my birthday with a thematic project

Timeline is an 2021 ASCII timeline of my life to commemorate my 30th birthday, inviting friends and family to add their own memories to the text-based world. It's part of an ongoing series marking my birthday with a thematic project

Small delights is a 2022 website celebrating the small moments of the last year. It invites people to share someone in their life who could use a small delight. Those people were sent $7 for a treat and a short message from the person who was thinking of them. It's part of an ongoing series marking my birthday with a thematic project